Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes the more pointless the relationship is, the more you want to fight for it.

I just copied this line from Facebook coz I think it tells my love story.

I've been involved in pointless relationships twice, and never learned - too bad for me.

The first one was a 7-year relationship which from the start I knew will end.  But I stayed in that relationship and fought for it, in spite of all the problems and criticisms from people around me.  As I expected, it ended,  The good part is that I became happier after that relationship - that's how pointless that relationship was.

The second one was more serious, not because it was a long-term relationship but because it resulted to a cute little baby Basty (my angel).  With this one, we are two people, one from the North the other from the South trying to meet in the middle of the road.  Sadly between North and South are humps, boulders and broken bridges.  While traveling, the relationship became pointless day after day until it reached the day when the engines just stopped.  Still, we are fighting for it, though deep inside we know that there's a big possibility that we'll never meet.

I fight knowing that it is pointless hoping that somehow, someday it will make sense.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are Filipinos Ready for the upcoming Elections?

In less than a month now, Filipinos will be lining up on their respective precincts to wait for their turn to vote.  Are the voters ready on Election day?

Since March this year, I've been going around different towns and barangays in Laguna.  My goal is to educate voters on the Automated Election.  My first question every time I conduct a seminar is "Sino dito ang alam na ang gagawin sa darating na eleksyon? Pakitaas ang kamay." (Those who know what to do on the upcoming election, please raise your hands!), as expected, less than 5% of the audience raise their hands. In less than a month before May 10, 2010, I am not sure if the percentage of voters knowledgeable on the how tos of the upcoming May 10 elections will increase drastically.  As much as I want to speak to everybody and teach them what to do in the Automated Elections, my resources are not enough.  I am praying that candidates will take the initiative to educate people, not just talk about their promises.

I would like to commend Councilor Pamboy Lopez of San Pablo City.  Unlike other candidates who spend a lot of money on giving away Gin, Councilor Lopez spends money, time and effort in Voters Education.  If every candidate will conduct Voters Ed seminar daily, assuming 100 participants per seminar..that will make a big difference.

To those who already know what to do, please relay the knowledge to other people.