Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Eco Shoppe

We are very excited with our soon to open shop in Los Baños, Laguna. The shoppe is along Grove near Robinson's. It will be carrying different organic and natural products. Here is the list:

  • Sketch Shirts - when we thought about setting up a store, Sketch Shirts is the only product line that we thought of selling.  Why?  Because it is our baby, our original design.  But other opportunities came in, that we thought will also be good to sell.  Anyway, we only had one dilemma - are there available earth friendly silkscreen paints?  Good thing we found a brand that is water based and non toxic.
  • Human Heart Nature - we've been using HHN products for almost a year now; the results are really great.  Having started the HHN business as a dealer helped us open our minds in switching from chemical based products to organic.  Human Heart Nature manufactures affordable organic bath and body products.
  • Earth and Me - very cute and effective product lines.  Earth and Me focuses on babies and mommies.  
  • Victoria - I am surprised with the result of using this Victoria Organic Detergent.  I love the smell, it feels good on my hands too.  Everyone, and I mean Everyone who bought this product from us are satisfied with the result of using Victoria.
  • Cyleina - organic bath soaps.  I have already tried 3 variants of Cyleina (shea butter, oatmeal and honey and kojic), Thina have used 1 (apple and cinnamon).  I have only good things to say about this product line.   
  • Papelipa - these are handmade recycled papers.  The primary purpose of carrying this product is to serve as material for gift wrapping.  But aside from gift wrappers, we will also include Papelipa's scrap book line.
I think our line up is a very good.  Soon, we will be adding more products.  So see you in our shoppe!

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