Monday, March 8, 2010

Kiwanis Club of Buklod San Pablo

August 2008, Kiwanis Club of Buklod San Pablo was chartered, and I was the Charter Secretary.  I felt like a 10 year old girl again helping other kids thru iodized salt distribution.  Back in elementary days, my dad tasked me to distribute iodized salt to my school mates in San Pablo Central School, coz as we all know, iodized salt can help kids grow smarter.  Distribution of Iodized Salt is one of the longest running project of Kiwanis worldwide.

Kiwanis Club of Buklod San Pablo is an organization of young volunteers.  Buklod is composed of the youngest Kiwanians in the Philippines, and probably in the world.  Kiwanis is an international organization whose mission is to help the children of the world, one child one community at a time.  I enjoy every moment of being a Kiwanian.  

My mom tells me "Why join Kiwanis?  It's expensive!", but I always say, " We may be spending our own money, but it's fine...will you think twice of helping other people by spending few hundreds?."  I remember one of our feeding projects for the affected areas of Bagyong Undoy in Victoria, Laguna.  A donation of P100 can feed 100 children in a day. Imagine that!

Aside from iodized salt distribution and feeding program, we also do book distribution (coz we believe that children must learn to love reading), story reading, school supplies distribution, etc.  But being a Kiwanian is not all about projects and community services, it's also about fellowship.  In our club, Buklod-San Pablo, we have become good friends.  Personally, I look forward to our weekly meeting because I enjoy exchanging ideas with them, telling each others' activities for the past week, sharing problems and advices and of course...drinking beer!!! We are different people from different walks of life, but one thing bonds us, the passion to help other people while having fun.  

I would like to share with you the blog of our current President Wilson Anzures

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