Friday, March 12, 2010

A One-Stop Organic Shop

I am imagining my own Organic Supermarket.  I can see a spacious place with very nice Japanese landscape and relaxing ambiance.  Inside, all products are organic and produced in the Philippines - fruits, vegetables, meat, bath and beauty products, toiletries, etc.  Aside from a market, it's also a restaurant where customers can ask my chef to cook for them - of course my kitchen will only use organic oil, herbs, spices, etc.  I also imagine a small garden that will provide basic ingredients - like onion, garlic, tomatoes, herbs etc.  I can hear people talking about saving Mother Earth, going green, patronizing Filipino products, etc.  Plastic and styro are No-nos.  Wow! A one-stop Organic Shop.

This is my long-term goal but for now I will promote organic products online and our soon-to-rise shop in Los Banos, Laguna:Sari-saring Organic Store. Lol!

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